norkem - Your first link in the chemical chain
The Norkem Group offers an extensive portfolio of speciality and general chemical products to a diverse range of industries.

Dedicated teams for each sector can advise on all aspects of both product and industry knowledge as well as offering a full technical support service. We take great pride in our proven expertise and years of experience across a range of sectors.

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At Norkem, it is our top priority to ensure that all our chemical products meet the required international standards. To help with this, we established our Group Quality Department, a team tasked with staying up to date and aware of all relevant legislation, regulation and compliance concerns. All our supplier’s certifications and accreditation are thoroughly checked and verified as part of our due diligence and regular audits. We want to give you peace of mind.

If you have any unique or particular requirements, please do get in touch. We offer all our customers a bespoke service and will always try to be as flexible as possible. Whether it is packaging, milling, suspending or dissolving the chemical products in liquid, we will make all the necessary arrangements.


Norkem supplies a range of chemical products for use in agriculture, horticulture and farm-care. We have special expertise and significant experience in sourcing the micronutrients that prove so effective in foliar and soil fertilisers. For greenhouses and nurseries, we also provide a range of straights (a fertiliser that only contains one nutrient and can be blended with other straights to produce a compound/mixed fertiliser).

Animal Feed

Norkem provides an extensive range of both organic and inorganic products to the animal feed industry and we are constantly working to ensure that our selection keeps pace with demand. In this task we are aided by our years of experience and comprehensive industry knowledge. We can also provide specialised additives, a number of trace elements, acidity regulators and more.

All our animal feed products meet international standards, including those set by the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS) and GMP+. They are considered throughout our supply process, in the strict testing, batch numbering and tracking procedures that we employ.

Food and Drink

Within the food and drink sector, we supply a range of companies who specialise in everything from soft drinks to meat, confectionary to fruit and vegetables. We are fully aware that when it comes to food and drink, timing is everything. Norkem strive to ensure that the supply chain is as efficient as possible, making life easier for you.


At Norkem, we have been delivering chemical products worldwide to multinational companies for over 45 years, both supplying and distributing. Our current portfolio of customers extends across a wide range of industries and we have individuals with expert knowledge in each area.

Our chemical products are sourced from some of the world’s leading producers with whom we have long-standing agreements. The security of our relationship with our producers ensures that we can deliver an efficient and high quality service and product.


One of the main suppliers to the pharmaceutical sector, Norkem has an extensive and well-established network. We have complete oversight of the entire supply chain and can guarantee full traceability of all our chemical products. These include intermediates and reagents.

Confidentiality is paramount within the pharmaceutical sector so we act with the utmost discretion.


Norkem produces and supplies water based suspensions to assist in the manufacturing of excellent quality clay bricks, pavers and roof tiles. We utilise advanced technology and skilled expertise to suspend chemical additives and colours in order to minimise addition rates and improve the working environment and health & safety