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How sweeteners help to balance tasty treats with healthy eating

Is it possible to have a guilt-free sweet treat? Ask a lot of people and they’d probably say ‘no’. As much as we love sweet things, everything from desserts to snacks to fizzy drinks nowadays carry a health warning.


GOFOS presents a tasty solution to boosting dietary fibre intake

Dietary fibre intake remains worryingly low among British adults. According to latest figures from the Food and Drink Federation (FDF), just 9% get the recommended 30g for fibre a day.


Hemp Food Products: Good for Your Health, Great for the Environment

Hemp has traditionally been grown as a source of fibre, from which everything from fabric and textiles to paper and rope can be manufactured.  In recent times, however, more and more interest has turned to the use of hemp as a commercial food source. Hemp seeds are protein and nutrient rich, and can be processed into products such as flour, oil, dairy-free milk substitute and protein powder.



Norkem exhibits at ChemUK in September

Norkem are delighted to announce they are exhibiting at ChemUK, the UK’s premier chemicals supply exhibition, in September 2021. ChemUK, the UK’s Chemical Industry Supply Chain Expo, consists of two component pieces - an Expo and a speaker programme respectively- which brings together key players in the UK’s industrial chemicals, biochemical, chemicals processing & chemical product formulation industries. 


Norkem’s Iodine Derivative Product Range Meets High Worldwide Demand


In the chemicals supply world, certain chemicals go in and out of high demand. As anyone involved in the chemicals industry will know, certain chemicals may see a spike in demand - whether that’s due to recent government approvals, a recent FDA approval or simply an increase in research. In recent months, chemicals supply companies like Norkem have experienced a high demand for iodine and iodine derivative products, from a variety of industry sectors. This demand can mean that, for some, iodine is proving difficult to source. 


Here at Norkem, however, we are pleased to report a steady stock of iodine products despite the recent scarcity, and are able to continue supplying our clients with our iodine products. Learn more here: 





How Norkem’s product range can help you avoid the UK’s new sugar and salt tax


Here at Norkem, we are proud to be a leading supplier of chemicals, nutrients and supplements to ensure that no matter what your industry needs, we can provide. One particular sector which has seen a great deal of change in recent years is the nutritional sector: as the focus shifts towards a greater degree of health and nutrition in foodstuffs and additives and a lesser degree of sugars and salts in food and drink.