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New Calcium Nitrate product added to our fertilizer range >

The approach of spring is a busy time for Norkem’s agrochemical business. Customers across the agricultural, horticultural and farm care markets are busy preparing for the sowing season. That means stocking up on fertilizers to prepare the soil and help support a bumper crop throughout the growing months.

With that in mind, we’re pleased to announce a further expansion of our nitrates range. We can now offer Calcium Nitrate Granular, alongside flakes and solution.

Nitrates form one of the most important families of agricultural fertilizers. Not only are they a crucial source of Nitrogen, which plays a key role in protein production in plants and therefore supports healthy growth, nitrate salts also deliver other essential minerals. Alongside Calcium Nitrate, we also supply Manganese, Magnesium and Potassium Nitrates.

Nitrate salts are highly soluble in water and therefore easy to apply. However, liquid fertilizers are absorbed or otherwise wash away quickly, and need to be reapplied regularly. In their granular form, nitrates provide more of a ‘slow release’, gradually breaking down over time in the presence of water. Granular nitrates are therefore ideal for application at the start of the growing season.

Another major benefit is that nitrate fertilizers are completely biodegradable and won’t lead to any unwanted build-up of chemicals in the soil.

Calcium Nitrate is an excellent source of calcium for plants, with calcium being an important building block for strong, healthy cells. Like all nitrates, Calcium Nitrate is also a highly versatile chemical with a range of applications in other industries, too. For example, it is commonly used as an accelerant for setting concrete and mortar in construction. Its anti-freeze properties are also useful for protecting concrete from frost.

Manganese Nitrate is our longest-running nitrate line. It is used as a targeted fertilizer to correct Manganese deficiencies in crops and also acts as a fungicide. We supply Manganese Nitrate in solution.

Magnesium Nitrate fertilizer ensures plants have an ample supply of Magnesium, an essential component of the photosynthesis chemical chlorophyll. Plants suffering from chlorophyll deficiencies cannot synthesize enough sugars and therefore grow poorly.

For information on pricing and shipping of our Nitrate products, please contact our agrochemical team.