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BRCGS Certification secured with 100% compliance - again! >

We are very pleased to announce that, once again, our food and drink team has successfully obtained certification for the BRCGS Agents and Brokers Global Standard. And not only that, we have yet again passed with 100% compliance.

The BRCGS marque is a globally recognised food safety standard. Without it, suppliers struggle to sell their products into the food and beverage retail industry. It has to be renewed annually.

The BRCGS itself is an industry-run body overseen by retailers. Its certification process is internationally acknowledged as the most rigorous and comprehensive, establishing industry benchmarks for manufacturing and logistics best practices, quality assurance, and legal governance.

The certification process is divided into different categories for different types of supplier. The Agents and Brokers Global Standard is for non-manufacturing traders and distributors like ourselves.

While the practical requirements of food safety compliance for food processors and producers focus on process and environmental hygiene, operators like Norkem carry the responsibility of guaranteeing the compliance of ingredients and additives we supply. This extends beyond safety to also include provenance, authenticity, quality and legality.

Norkem has always been very proud of the role we play in this regard, which perhaps contributes to our impressive record of achieving 100% compliance across all four of our European subsidiary offices - Norkem Ltd in the UK, Norkem BV in the Netherlands, Norkem SRL in Italy and Quimica SL in Spain.

For us, being able to guarantee the highest quality and safety standards across our entire food and drink ingredients range is a critical part of our strategy. It serves our objective of being viewed as trusted partners by retailers, food service companies, and manufacturers.

We know our clients look for ingredient suppliers and brokers who can demonstrate the utmost professionalism and expertise on issues like traceability and supply chain transparency. It’s our job to deliver.

So passing the annual BRCGS audit with perfect compliance is not just a matter of operational necessity for us. It’s a validation of the business strategy our food and drink team is pursuing. Given the scrutiny of the audit process, the amount of work involved and the fact that we are continually growing our own supplier list, it’s a remarkable achievement to everyone involved in our quality control and safety vetting procedures.

A big congratulations to all members of our food and drink and QHSE teams for all your hard work. Let’s do it all again next year!